Aaliyah Biopic: Is A TV Movie Good Enough?


News of an Aaliyah biopic has spread like wildfire causing feelings to bubble over with either excitement or disappointment. If you missed the news, Lifetime, home of the based-on-a-true-story movies, is set to premiere an Aaliyah biopic based on the life and tragic death of singer … [Continue reading]

Fresh-Picked Talent: Ohannon – The Soulful One


  Let me just start this off by saying…get ready for a treat y’all! One of the reasons why I love featuring new artists (especially indie artists) in Musically Yummy’s Fresh-Picked Talent series is because they are usually the most talented individuals that many of us have never … [Continue reading]

What Do You Think Of Ameriie’s New Song ‘What I Want’?


Ameriie is back and she’s brought her vocals too! I did a Milk Carton Diary on Ameriie earlier this year wondering when we were going to get new … [Continue reading]

Fresh-Picked Talent: Will EQ – The Balancer

Will EQ_Social Insecurity

It’s baaacck! Fresh-Picked Talent, a series that features new and up-and-coming artists, is back and is one of my favorite things to post on Musically … [Continue reading]

Beyonce And Jay Z’s ‘On The Run Tour’ – A Little Too Late Or Right On Time?

beyonce's tumblr

Tickets for Jay Z and Beyoncé’s On The Run Tour have officially gone on sale and most of you have decided to survive off Raman noodles and tap water … [Continue reading]

The Secret That Helped Make OutKast’s ‘Hey Ya’ A Success


Though the 2014 Coachella music festival is now a past event, something that happened there this year really left me scratching my head. OutKast … [Continue reading]

Why 30% Of Readers Voted To Bring Aaliyah Back


Last December, I polled readers here at Musically Yummy asking them who they would bring back if they could. Artists like Michael Jackson, Tupac and … [Continue reading]

1990s vs. 2000s – A Compare And Contrast Of The Two Decades In R&B


One of my favorite music videos is from Lauryn Hill for her song “Doo Wop (That Thing).” This video is a perfect example of how time can change the … [Continue reading]

Poll! If These Ladies Released Albums Today, Whose Album Would You Buy?


When Beyoncé released her fifth solo studio album unexpectedly, many of us were unprepared. When I say unprepared, I mean when it came to purchasing … [Continue reading]

Kanye West Did Not Beg For The Vogue Cover, Says Editor


Vogue Editor In Chief Anna Wintour puts to rest rumors that Kanye West has been begging to appear on Vogue’s cover. Did you see Kanye West and Kim … [Continue reading]