News Mashup: Aaliyah’s Biopic Trailer, Beyonce Case Study + Lil Kim Says Beef With Nicki Is Deep


A lot happened during the latter part of last week and this weekend that you may have missed. Read the news mashup to catch up. Trailer for Lifetime Aaliyah Biopic Released Think pieces, petitions and twitter attacks galore could not stop the production of this … [Continue reading]

LOL! Can You Guess Who Andre 3000 Would Pick To Play Outkast In A Biopic?


QUICK NOTES Who: Andre 3000 What happened: During a Q&A, Andre 3000 said that he would want Kevin Hart to play Big Boi and Leonardo DiCaprio to play him. Sometimes I swear Andre 3000 says things to see how people will react. And react we do. Duing a Q&A panel, the … [Continue reading]

Wow! Dr. Dre Earned More Money Than Every Other #HipHop Artist Combined (Full List)

Dr-Dre-Musically-Yummy-Getty Images

QUICK NOTES: Who: Dr. Dre What happened: Dr. Dre tops the list of Highest Paid Hip Hop Acts in 2014. His reported earnings were more than … [Continue reading]

Hmmm! Photos Of Rihanna Leak Online And Everyone Shrugs At The News

rihanna's working on 8th album

Who: Rihanna What happened? Photos of the singer leak's online – one showing her naked bottom and a nipple and the other with her breasts … [Continue reading]

Uh Oh! Lauryn Hill’s London Fans Are NOT Feeling Her Right Now


#148534695 / Who: Lauryn Hill Where: The Brixton Academy of London What happened?  Lauryn Hill’s show was scheduled to start at … [Continue reading]

Beyonce & Jay Z’s On The Run HBO Special: 6 Crazy Feelings You Experienced While Watching From Home


Did you catch Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On the Run HBO Special Saturday night? In short, the concert was E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! The only regret I had about … [Continue reading]

Happy Bey Day Beyoncé! 7 Reasons Beyoncé Is Your Favorite Artist’s, Favorite Artist


Happy Birthday Beyoncé! The confetti is falling and champagne is flowing in the #beyhive somewhere in America as I’m sure it is national Bey Day  for … [Continue reading]

Quiz! Which SWV Group Member Would You Be?

WE tv SWV Quiz

Happy Labor Day! And how ironic is it that this is the day that I decide I want to jump back into this blog on a day of rest. For the sake of not … [Continue reading]

Aaliyah Biopic: Is A TV Movie Good Enough?


News of an Aaliyah biopic has spread like wildfire causing feelings to bubble over with either excitement or disappointment. If you missed the … [Continue reading]

Fresh-Picked Talent: Ohannon – The Soulful One


  Let me just start this off by saying…get ready for a treat y’all! One of the reasons why I love featuring new artists (especially … [Continue reading]